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About Belgaum:    
Ganesh Travels & Tours takes you to the Belgaum is a city and a municipal corporation in Belgaum district in the state of Karnataka, India.It is the fourth largest city of the state of Karnataka, the first three being Bangalore, Mysore and Hubli-Dharwad.

It is situated nearly 2,500 ft (762 m) above sea-level and is the headquarters of Belgaum district, which borders the states of Maharashtra and Goa. Belgaum is also headquarters for Belgaum division. The division comprises the districts of Bagalkot, Belgaum, Bijapur, Dharwad - Hubli, Gadag, Haveri, and Uttara Kannada. Government of Karnataka proposed to make Belgaum as second capital of the State of Karnataka with the recently upcoming second state administrative building.

Belgaum is well known for its pleasant climate throughout the year, but the last few years, summers (April through June) have been warmer than usual. It is at its coldest in winter (November through February), and experiences continuous monsoon of medium intensity during July to September. The annual average rainfall is 200 cm". You can enjoy this by visiting the city called Belgaum, the service provided by Ganesh Travels & Tours

Belgaum is located 502 km from Bangalore and 154 km from Goa. Nestled in the foothills of the Western Ghats, it enjoys a cool, salubrious climate and is surrounded by natural beauty in the form of rivers, hills and dense evergreen forests covered tourists places like Amboli, Sindhudurg district, jamboti etc. Inside the city, A wide variety of historical sites, temples and churches exist in and around the city, most notably the fort Kamala Basti, Kapileshwar temple (South Kashi), the hills of Vaijyanath, Ramtirth in Kanbargi, the aerodrome at Sambra and others. You can have touch with these places by visiting to Belgaum, the service provided by Ganesh Travels & Tours

The town of Belgaum is the assimilation point of various cultures. Due to its proximity with the states of Maharashtra and Goa, Belgaum has acquired the cultural flavor of these states and blended it with the local Kannada culture to create a rich heritage, which is unique in its manifestation. Belgaum is not only famous for its history but also for its natural beauty. It is also known as Malendu or Rain Country and the vegetation here is lush green throughout the year. This beautiful city can be furnished by visiting the place in Belgaum by Ganesh Travels & Tours

he old stone fort, built in 12th century ad by the local Ratta rulers, is an important spot, though not much of the original structure remains. This fort was renovated and built on by successive rulers who ruled Belgaum from time to time. Belgaum's Watchtower and Sunset Point should not be missed if one wants to savor the scenic beauty surrounding this town.

Belgaum is famous for its temples and the religious-minded traveler could find a number of temples here-the main ones being Kapileshwar temple, Shani temple and the Maruti Temple.

The town of Belgaum is also known for its well-maintained parks. The Nath Pai Park, Shivaji Udyan and Sambhaji Udyan are important parks.

Another important sightseeing place in Belgaum is the Cantonment area, built by the British during their rule in India. The Cantonment area, also known as the Camp, spreads to the south and western part of the town. Apart from military buildings, it houses a number of well-preserved, functional buildings like churches, bungalows, schools, etc., built on the traditional colonial style of architecture. The Cantonment area resembles a world of its own and the traveler is sent back in time, as he walks through tree-lined lanes. A walk along Elphistone Road, Club Road, Commissariat Road, Victoria Barracks, and Chapel Road, in the Cantonment is recommended. A number of religious monuments are located within the cantonment area-the Masjid-Sata mosque, which dates back to the 16th century ad, the Mahadeva temple with its beautiful gardens, the St. Mary's Church of England, St. Xavier's Church, Catholic Cathedral and St. Anthony's Church, all lie within the lush green environs of the Cantonment. Ganesh Travels & Tours helps to you take to beautiful city called Belgaum.

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About Kumta:    
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Kumta is a town and a taluka place in Uttara Kannada district in the Indian state of Karnataka. It is a costal town and is about 60 km south of the city of Karwar and 20 km north of Honavar.

Kumta is a sea coast town near Gokarna. During the British era, it was a part of the North Kanara district of Bombay presidency. It had an open roadstead, with a considerable trade, especially in cotton. Carvings in sandalwood is a specialty. A place of high commercial importance in olden days, the importance had declined slowly and is now having very low commercial activities.

Kumta Town is now more famous for the temples. The town has beautuiful attractions, including Kumta beach, Dhareshwar beach, Baada beach and Mirja Fort. Kumta is known for its betelnut, cashew, coconut, banana cultivation and fisheries. The view of a long Kumta beach with a small mount at a distance is a marvelous sight and added to that the beach was filled with thousands of seabirds.

Kumta is more famous for the temples and beaches.

The Town has 4 Beaches in it. Dhareshwar beach is very good and is located 5 km away from kumta. Beautiful places in Kumta include

1) Kumta beach,
2)Dhareshwar beach
3) Baada beach
4) Mirjan Fort

Temples in Kumta town are

2) Uppin Ganapati
3) Shanteri Kamakshi Temple
4) Venkatraman Temple
5) Mahalasa Temple
6) Shantika Parmeshwari Temple

Other temples

1) Kanchika Parmeshwari Temple, Baad
2) Shiva Temple, Dhareshwar.

Ganesh Travels & Tours takes you to the Kumta and makes the journey comfortable.

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