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About Bellary:    
Ganesh Travels & Tours takes to the Bellary district is situated on the eastern side of Karnataka state extending from southwest to northeast directions. This district is bounded by Raichur district on the north, Koppal district on the west, Chitradurga and Davanagere districts on the south, and Anantapur and Kurnool districts of Andhra Pradesh on the east.

Bellary Ganesh Travels & Tours district takes its name from the word Balari which refers to goddess Durugamma as this goddess had manifested herself in this town. The district besides being an administrative area of the state is also a tourist’s hot spot. The prime visiting places in and around the district includes Hampi, Bear Sanctuary and Sandur.

Bellary city is well connected by road to all major cities, towns and important cities of neighboring states and can make use of Ganesh Travels & Tours to travel to bellary.

Historical names of the Bellary area

* Bellary Ganesh Travels & Tours was once part of an area also known as Kuntala Desha or Kuntala Vishaya (Vishaya - a territorial division or district of a kingdom). Many inscriptions refer to the Western Chalukyas as rulers of Kuntala or Kondala.

Bellary Core area of Western Chalukya monuments, roughly corresponding to Sindavadi-1000

* Bellary is an inscription during the Gangas of Talakadu speaks of a certain Sindha Vishaya which consists parts or whole of today's Bellary, Haveri, Gadag, Dharawada, Koppala and Bagalakote districts. Many inscriptions by Yadavas and Kalyani Chalukyas refer to this areas as Sindavadi or Sindavadi-nadu.

* During the rule of Western Chalukyas, the area around Bellary was part of Nolambavadi (referred to as Nolambavadi-32000), which included parts of the present Shivamogga, Chitradurga, Davanagere, Bellary and Anantapuram Districts. Further, some inscriptions mention that Nolambavadi-nadu was a part of Kuntala desha.

There are several colonial buildings belonging to the British period in typical English style. Some of them are the Bellary Central Jail, Wardlaw High School, St. Philomena's School, The D.C.s Office, Courts, and Railway Stations etc.

In Bellary Ganesh Travels & Tours famous personalities of the freedom movement were imprisoned in Bellary Jail such as C.Rajagopalachari, V V Giri and Tekur Subramanyam. "

Believed to be mentioned in the great Hindu epic, Ramayana, Bellary Ganesh Travels & Tours is endowed with a glorious history and a rich a culture. The city is located in the midst of black cotton soil.

Tour to Bellary Ganesh Travels & Tours. Popular for the granite rocks and hills, Bellary is well known tourist destination in south India. The city has many colonial buildings which add to the archeological beauty of Bellary. You can make route to Bellary through Ganesh Travels & Tours.

Accommodation in Bellary Ganesh Travels & Tours is easily available. Hotels, guesthouses and lodges of different kinds are available. One can between luxurious star hotels and low budget economy hotels.

Bellary is well connected to the rest of the country by bus and road . Frequent buses are available through Ganesh Travels & Tours

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About Brahmavara:    
Book online bus tickets to Brahmavara By Ganesh Travels & Tours.

Ganesh Travels & Tours takes you to the Brahmavar or Brahmavara, or Brahmavaar is a main road town on NH 17, located 13 km north of the Udupi in Udupi district in Karnataka state of India. It has been mentioned as Brahmaputr, Brahmavuar and Brahmara in the inscription, which means 'a settlement of Brahmins'. It is an ancient cultural centre of the region being adjacent to Barkur, which was the capital town of Tulunadu.

Other places of Interest in and around Brahmavar.

* All India Radio station
* Agriculture Research Institute
* Sugar factory
* Srikrishna Dairy - 4 km from Brahmavar towards Udupi
* Hangyo Ice Cream factory - in Srikrishna Dairy Campus
* Mahishamardini temple in Beelavara
* Garadi mane in Varambally village
* Barkur town
* Handadi, The settlement of the Hande family, one of many Brahmin families who settled in the region following their migration from North India.

Brahmavara is a place of Karnataka and is also a beautiful place where we can spent the time more enjoyable.

Brahmavara is a purely a visiting place and also a time spelt city and is also a tourists place where many of them come there and enjoy the place and spent time with cool breeze air and stuff.

Ganesh Travels & Tours takes you to the Brahmavara and make the things better and enjoyable.

Thus the Brahmavara place have lots of buses which reach the place more easily and comfortably by Ganesh Travels & Tours.

Ganesh Travels & Tours takes you to the Brahmavara and makes the journey comfortable.

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